Apr 23, 2011

Kyushu Shinkansen CM 九州新幹線!CM

official Youtube site(CMができるまでなど、いろんな動画が見れます!)
Official site

The weather was cruel today and I was feeling down, but when I watched the video, which my dear net friend Clarissa introduced in her FB, I was moved with joy and thrill and almost shedding some tears.  

I lived in Kyushu up until four years ago, so I went all the places appears in the video on weekends and enjoyed hot springs or camping.

At the last half of it, there were some building, companies and scenery I'm quite familiar with. I wonder if I run into some faces when I watch it closely...


Clarissa said...

I'm glad you liked it. It's nice that you recognized some places! I really want to go to Kyushu someday...I *will* go, one of these days!

Mrs. Malone said...

When you decide to visit Kyushu, do let me know. I have some friends who will be more than happy to help you out. I wonder if you're thrilled to bathe yourself in hot-spring bath、温泉... All over Kyushu island, good and unique hot springs are scattered around.

調布の佐藤 said...


Mrs. Malone said...



"See if you can spot the five Power Rangers."
"I sorta teared up while watching it."
"I may explode from sweet. That was a great video & it did indeed make me smile!"
"what's up with all the rainbows?"
"I salute the Japanese Nation for their Unity and Solidarity with each other. I wish my people were like that."

Whiskers said...

Hi emmie-san!
Looong time no see!
I had been to Wellington, NZ for 3 weeks to support a student who had been injured in the earthquake in Christchurch and her mother there.

After coming back to Japan at the beginning of April it took me a while to rehabilitate myself to 'ordinary' daily life and all the news on the disastrous earthquake, tsunami and nuke power plant problems depressed me even more.
And then, I saw this here--I was soooo much moved and couldn't help crying. It was so nice to see people so happy and excited. Some people are running waving waving to the train, which I think everybody has done in her/his childhood.
Thank you so much, emmie-san and Clarissa-although I've never talked to you- for introducing this to us.

Actually, I had known this article of yours for quite a while, but I didn't click it. I just thought it might be someting closely related to Kyushu, which I'm not very familiar with.
But now I think God saved this for me to watch it when I really needed.
On April 29th, Asahi-shinbun had an article about this CM. Apparantly, it became quite famous and popular by word of mouth--just as you and Clarissa did! Now I'm recommending my friends to watch it.
And the song by Maia Hirasawa is also very popular now, which is no wonder at all.
It's so strange that some days before watching this, I heard the song on car radio and liked it a lot. So, when I watched this, it was just 'BOOM!' and had so much impact on me.

Anyway, thank you again and talk to you later, emmie-san. Hope I can see you some time in the future now that my daughter is living in Tokyo!

Mrs. Malone said...

Hi Whiskers-san, I'm so relieved to read your well spirited message^^
I heard about you from sloppie-san and I was worried thinking how you're going to manage your family life when they might need your support a lot.

Speaking of the CM, my daughter mailed her friend in Kyushu and asked her if she watched the CM, but the answer was no^^;;; It seems the CM got more popular other than Kyushu thanks to the word of mouth on the net.

Now, your daughter in Tokyo, then how do you usually talk with her? Don't you use any Internet services like Facebook? how about twitter??
I'd love to have you in my twitter or facebook friends^^

Enjoy a nice and relaxing holidays!

Whiskers said...

It was a great opportunity for me to realize how mature my daughter was. She never complained and managed everything-of course with a lot of help from family members and others. This whole thing which has'nt ended yet has been a very difficut experience but at the same time a gift for us.

The main media I use to communicate with my daughters is cellphone. All of my family members are using outdated unpopular au keitai. But the good point is we can text short mails free among family members. And then PC. Emails and Skype.
I know there exist facebook and twitter, but never experienced them. I'm soooo analogue and kind of afraid of exposing myself to the unknown world and unknown people. But maybe just following people like you is fun... So, yesterday I actually went to the website of twitter and read the explanation a little. What a progress! I haven't grasp the idea yet and I probably need someone to explain how to use it precisely, but please wait and see...

Mrs. Malone said...

Hi Whiskers-san, do you tend to be a super cautious one like hitting and checking on a bridge before crossing it over? or just because it's about a new technology?
Get on board already and enjoy the obscurity of new tech together with me. ^^;;;
I've never read any explanations about twitter when I started to use twitter, just made an account and put some words over the 140 words space, then oh, I'm a member now like...
You don't have to be honest about your profile at all, or rather I recommend you to be someone totally different, disguise when you do things on the Net for starters.
Nobody's going to blame you whatever you'll be from teens to a hot lady, right?
Sloppie-san was just like you and reluctant to use twitter at first, but she found it terribly useful during the time of the aftermath. I think it was clear that when the earthquake hit here, people who have a way to gather raw info, mainly from twitter, were able to act modestly under pressure because they know what's happening all over Japan and they knew enough goods are available soon enough from Kansai or KYushu.
On the other hand, those who don't know anything about twitter, mostly older people than my generation I guess, were only able to depend on the news over TV and got worried too much when they watched emptied shelves at stores, then rushed to buy daily commodities beyond their real need.
I do think twitter is a must now on emergency.
I don't recommend FC(facebook), since it's meant to be communicate with your real name, but I think it's too risky for a newbie...というわけで、とりとめないですが、whiskersさんのデビューを楽しみにしよう!

Whiskers said...

Tada! I made a debut on twitter! Thank you, emmie-san. True, it was much easier than reading the explanation. I had still some trouble making an account, though. And at first I made a big mistake to put my real name...Right after that, I noticed it and changed it. Duh! How analogue I am you can see... I'm following you under the name of 'marblesaurus.' My Canadian co-worker said that I sounded like I had marbles in my mouth when I spoke Japanese. Humph!

Mrs. Malone said...

Hmmm, I may well be caled rantsaurus then...