Apr 29, 2011

kindle essential, then what next...

Two, three days ago, FB comment of my friend said his iPad2 is on the way.
Then this morning, I ran into the video that shows a magic of twirling a windmill with a puff of your breath... How? The gadget finally started to sense like us human beings? I thought the day won't be far away when your gadget grumble and order you "Hey, be more gentle, you're going to hurt me if you touch me so carelessly, "Ummm, your touch is so sweet... I'm happy to be of yours" hehe

Thinking about English education in Japan, those gadget will benefit students immensely, they can experience the real English wherever you live. It doesn't matter if teachers are skilled ones or beginners. Isn't it time to pour our tax money into those gadgets rather than spending it to renew dumb textbooks every five years or hiring English teachers who are capable of explaining English grammar or talk about English itself, but having never used it in real.
こんなのできたし・・・英語発音ゲームbishojo game


sloppie said...


sloppie said...

Oh,my comment is gone or got delieted by you?

Mrs. Malone said...

?? I don't remember doing anything with your comment... maybe yours is under another entry, I hope.
BTW, do you intend to call your kindle, 禁断のkindle? It'll do well! haha

sloppie said...

well, i just wrote i'd rather play bishonen game...

Yeah,禁断のkindle for me. but it's a bit long name to call.he,he.

Mrs. Malone said...

I do remember reading your bishonen comment and I think I approved it.

Considering the current down of blogger, I'm afraid your comment was removed by accident over the course of recovery work.

this is a twitter message from Blogger: Nearly all posts since Wed. are restored, now bringing back comments from last couple days. They should be back this weekend or sooner.

Oh, how about kindan, kinkin, or 禁dle? LOL