Apr 13, 2011

茨城農産物サポートプロジェクト:サポーター募集! - ごきげんファーム

茨城農産物サポートプロジェクト:サポーター募集! - ごきげんファーム 昨日はkindleの本を購入しましたが、今日はお野菜です。直接農家の方を応援できるところがいいな。 There are many ways coming everyday to support the damaged area and people. I bought a book, "Quakebook," yesterday and now I made an order for a box of vegetables delivered from an organization in Ibaragi prefecture, where rumors about leak of radiation devastated its agriculture. You can't tell what kind of vegetables will be put in the box, but if you can't consume everything, then you can let your neighbors have them and tell them about the project. Word-of-month approach is easily done for free and even more effective than any other medias, right?

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