Mar 31, 2011

publish&sell on Amazon kindle オフするかも?

ヘルニアが全快しておりませんので、うちの近くで開催という条件がつきますが、近々、amazon kindleでebookを出版してみない?オフを開こうかなーと思っています。
I've not totally freed from the pain on my back, so I can't say anything concrete about this new project, but I'm wondering if any of you interested in leaning how to publish and sell your own material on amazon kindle. If any, then, I'm going to call for a meet-up in one of these days. For now, Sakai-san and s......-san are already on board.

(Just a reminder; I don't intend to work with someone who're intending to make this a chance to start a business. Of course, I have a big dream to make some profit from this project and contribute to the running of from now on, though, if only a tiny bit. ^^)

参考にする本はebookになりますから、kindle他のebook readerがあると便利かもしれません。
You're recommended to have one of ebook readers. We're going to read books about ebook publishing and almost all of them are ebook style.

I usually make a thread to call for a meeting at the forum in, but this time, I don't think I'll do. I'm willing to work with friends who can meet up in person or with those I've been keeping in touch with for some time through mails or blogs. If you're curious to know more about this project, please mail me or leave a comment under this entry.


Clarissa said...

Ah, too bad I don't have an e-book reader!

Mrs. Malone said...

e-book reader is so convenient for English tadoku lovers like me, scary to know how many times I clicked orders on amazon usa this month alone...