Mar 11, 2011



My family and I are all safe. Thank you very much for your mails.


Ann Holt said...

I sent you a message on Good Reads. I am hoping you are safe.

Mrs. Malone said...

Hello Ann,
thank you very much for the mail. All my families are okay and now I'm getting ready for the forthcoming inconveniences like a shortage of water supply or daily products. I just hope no more damage will be added over the people who suffered so much... thank you.

Paul said...

I am glad that you and your family are safe. I still am very concerned for all of the hardships that may lie ahead - I know they will be overcome.


Mrs. Malone said...

Hello Paul, thanks for your encouraging message. Yes, as you wrote, many Japanese, especially people in Tokyo, are prepared for this kind of catastrophe and we know being clam and live in order is the key to overcome this serious situation. I just need to be courageous and try not to stress me out. Still, I'm scared to death... I don't want to experience any more earthquakes... Medium lever earthquakes sway my house every several hours now.

Thank you again, Paul!