Mar 5, 2011


Thank you very much for taking your time to reply my comment when you might be terribly busy.

now, let me shrink the entry and make it clear what I'm concerned about the most about the Keijiban.

>But making this site a place for everyone to enjoy one aspect or
>another of foreign language remains my ultimate wish and purppose, emmie-an.

yes, I believe we're heading for the similar place and hoping to have enjoyable and meaningfull discussions over, or I won't be doing anything to support you.
But I have to say I don't have a faith on your style of managing the Keijiban for now.

I will be actively making entries as before only if you're going to take it into serious account to run this Kejiban like running an organization.
What I suggested you is that to form a group of leading members and let them work for building up a peaceful, enjoyable, and fruitful Keijiban.
(As far as I know, there are at least two similar suggestions made by two tadokists other than me so far on the new forum or by the personal mail.)

>多読村の理想は 「楽しく学んで、広く使う!」 How do you like that?

I can't agree with you more!
I don't think it's too much to say that all the English communities where Japanese flock together on the Net are meant to be places for 「英語学習 forever!」.
Or more critidally, all the organizations, from schools, universities to publishers, are working hard to cast a spell on learners and let them believe they can't be a good user of target languages unless they study and study real hard.

It's true not only for Japanese English learners, but for those who learn Japanese. But some Japanese learning started to raelize someone who taugh Japanese themselves through manga, anime and DramaCD tend to be a good user of Japanese in a short time, whereas those who study at school and with textbooks forever remain in a intermidate level.
(Gosh..., can't stop ranting;-)

>Thank you, emmie-san. I quite like your ranting, actually.
>Let's do this more often, OK?

I think I'm a truly lucky one...
I learned a new thing even from this ranting.
While I was reading our exchanges, I came to realize that our writing can be a good example for learns who want to use English especially for making your life fun.

You're one of the professionals of writing, and me just an amateur.
Each of your words has some reasons to be there, on the other hand, mine are filled with unnecessary redundant phrases. They contrast wonderfully.^^;

Then English education in Japan requires everyone to be a writer like you from the very beginning, due to the lack of knowledge what kind of English writing is needed in future, and only praises beautiful??? writings. But writing beautiful English is a terrible tough, and also a needless job for many. Amateurs should have their own way of writing and mine would be one example...

Maybe, I quit ranting by now and make a new entry of Clarissa's blog once I get a message from her. I asked her to write just a short message for tadokist ^^.

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