Mar 4, 2011


(Below is a message I posted in and some of my words lack politeness, I know, and I hope nobody is going to be agitated with this...)

I'm writing this message exclusively to Sakai-sensei, so if any of my words sound harsh or rude and ended up offending any of you, it's not my real intention, please be reminded that.

now, Sakai-sensei, do you understand why I'm so reluctant to write my experiences or advice about English writing when I have tons of ideas or messages I can give and also I'm a serious supporter of tadoku?

That's because once you wrote nonchalantly that seems to be thought by many tadoku practitioners as a place for only skilled English users. You also said it's quite reasonable to be said like that because there are some tadokist who write English messages so smoothly and happily as if they're writing it with a native language.

I was greatly disappointed with this comment at that time. Don't you think it's kind of tragic if you have to be blamed about writing English at the very place you're supposed to be learning and enjoying the language, English.

(Farther more, it's a duty for owners of these sites to work hard to make the site comfy and peaceful everyone, both for beginners and experienced ones, I believe, but you've long been kept neglecting your job saying this site is supposed to be built with the help of supporters...)

I rather think it's more hilarious to see that there are many sites or people talking about English itself, but nobody is ever going to try to write messages in English. English is a language better be used especially for discussions, I think, but to my great surprise, they seem to be satisfied with going around the bush in the obscure words of Japanese. Look at the magazines for English teachers, pages are filled with sophisticated words of Japanese, but only few pages are written in English, and in many cases, the tone between the articles in Japanese and the ones in English is quite different, usually Japanese ones are formal and English casual. (oh, I started to rant again...)

So, what I really want to say is this, when tadoku came a long way more than ten years now and there seem to be quite a number of people who read more than several million! words, then it's only natural to see many people doing different things other than reading books and started to utilize the power of English by speaking out their ideas and opinions with their own pens.

But the reality is totally different. And I have to conclude that there has to be something really wrong or missing with the widely exercised tadoku.

(BTW, I'm long been wondering why sensei doesn't write anything about tadoku in English in this site. As I let you know before, there are many people besides Japanese who started to use the word "tadoku" and if you don't like them to mix it up with other approaches and methods, then you've got to explain what tadoku is really like loud and clear in English, I think.)

thank you for reading my rants.

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