Jan 24, 2011


今の気分はSkellig (Costa Children's Book Award (Awards))
Skellig (Costa Children's Book Award (Awards))
”Got an Aspirin?"
"An aspirin?"
"Never mind."
私もskelligと同じく, herniated disk back pain のためpainkillerがないと起きてられない。 とほほ

日時:2月6日(日)12時から ~(終わりの時間は顔ぶれ次第です) 
場所:吉祥寺 Sullivan’s Irish Pub
参加について: 飛び入り、初めての方、大歓迎です!
メールの場合は、tadokuoffあっとマークgmail.com (あっとマークを@に変換)まで連絡してください。



hidy said...

Hi, emmie-san.I hope your back pain will soon disappear. It took about three months for mine disappear.

Thank you for introducing my journal here. Feel free to write a message, everyone. I've not written so many entries yet, but I'm enjoying writing. I feel I need more input recently, so I'm reading others' journal and watching movies every day. TED is one of the best materials for me. I always really enjoy watching it!

sloppie said...

Hi. Thanks, emmie, for inrtrocuding my blog too.

Take gooooood care of yourself!
Now I'm going to get a massage...

Whiskers said...

Hi, emmie-san.

Thank you so much mentioning the 'off-kai' here.

I hope you're feeling better...
I don't suffer from back pain, but I very often(almost always, I can say) have bad headaches and stiff shoulders. Last year I started to receive acupuncture, which has been working very well on me. I hope you too can find some good remedy.

Take care and see you soon!

Mrs. Malone said...

hi Hidy-san,
It's kind of scary that I feel no pain once I take in a painkiller... What if I'm addicted to those medicine... anyway I'm as if living in a land covered in a fog all day long.

You're right. As you increase the input, your English will be more colorful and the fun of writing English might enlarge. I don't say your progress will show a significant improvement before long, but as long as you keep doing it, your output won't stop refining.

Mrs. Malone said...

hi sloppie-san,

I'm going to the hospital again and have my back warm and tickle with low-frequency stimulation, maybe...
Did you get the hang of using the wordpress? I feel kind of responsible for your using wordpress since it's me who recommended the system.
Talk to you soon!

Mrs. Malone said...

hi Whiskers-san!

Good to hear from you. I was meaning to mail you about my condition. I've long been looking forward to meeting you, so I don't want to miss the chance which won't likely happen again soon.
it seems I can get to the pub if I take in painkillers. I heard migu-san and katakuri-san will be joining us.
Hope everything will turn out to be okay!