Jan 30, 2011

多読コンテスト2011.1 reading and read books

ranking page (I'm MrsMalone_emmie. My tadoku friend is also in. Can you spy her HN?)

Writing Places: The Life Journey of a Writer and Teacher Words Fail Me: What Everyone Who Writes Should Know About Writing (Harvest Book) The Lover's Dictionary: A Novel The Oxford Essential Guide to Writing (Essential Resource Library) Overcoming Back and Neck Pain

Everest (The Climb) Wenny Has Wings Little Wolf's Book of Badness Diary of a Wimpy Kid Granny Torrelli Makes Soup Neko Ramen Volume 1: Hey! Order Up! The Graveyard Book
Suddenly Alligator: An Adverbial Tale Red Sings from Treetops: A Year in Colors Fishing in the Air 他 ナイショなPB 2.5冊、manga1冊

ナイショなPBの1冊は、このコミュで仲良くなったアメリカ人のネット友にもらった?ebookだったりします。多くは語れませんが、海外の人とphysical bookをやりとりするのは手間だけど、ebookならメールで楽ちん。ebook管理はやっぱりCalibreがpopularみたいですよ。


Shizuku said...

Oh, I found "Neco Ramen"!!
I like the manga and I have wall paper "Neco Ramen" with my PC at the office. My friend made it and send from US.

Mrs. Malone said...

I have the first volume and sloppie-san the third of "Neco Ramen!"

BTW, I read your latest entry about that loooooong book and I agree with you saying "We've got to acquire the rhythm just right for the book you're going to read. When the book is terribly long, then your rhythm to read should be more bouncing?, right??

Shizuku said...

Yeah, you're right.
I think we can't make rhythm, if we read only a same book again and again for studying English.
I read a lot of books of various genres and I enjoyed it.
I always quit reading books which weren't interesting but the experience was very important. It seems failure but I don't think it was failure because much experience made my rhythmical reading!


Mrs. Malone said...

hi Shizuku,
I think it's crucial when it comes to the English writing that you don't consume yourself on worrying about the grammatical correctness or the quality? of your English writing.

In this Net age, what you can't sacrifice is not the correctness or the beauty, but the swiftness! I believe. No matter how beautifully you can write in English, if it takes some time and can't go with the wave, then it means nothing.

It's not fun if you don't receive a reply for the mail you've sent to your friends abroad within no time.

it seems more and more tadokists started to write in English and I'm really happy to see that. ^^

However,, truth be told, I'm so sorry that Mr. Sakai has not recognized yet the power of English writing over the Internet, and still stick to the pursue of the ideal? English. ^^;

Whiskers said...

"Neco Ramen" is a totally new manga for me, but reading your comments and Amazon's reference, I'm intrigued!! I'm a cat person- not meaning half-cat and half-human-and that's why I picked my name 'Whiskers.' But, isn't it a little bit expensive? Is it that I'm stingy??