Jan 1, 2011


Everest (The Climb)
Everest (The Climb)On the first day of the New Year, we're celebrated with a clear sky in the outskirts of Tokyo. For the last fifteen or sixteen years, it was rather a bother for me to celebrate the New Year. I've got to clean up all the mess my family, not me, had made in the house and get ready for the meal we're going to have especially at the beginning of a year. We call those dishes Osechi and we have them with Ozonia Japanese traditional soup with Mocha rice cake. I'm not cut out to be a good cook, so having no responsibility to make a decent meal can make me super happy than taking me to a flashy restaurant and have an expensive dinner in Tokyo, actually...

But this time is a different story for me. My family besides my partner has gone to my hometown, Nishinomiya, and they won't be back till fourth, so I have plenty of time to do anything I want to. The first thing I did today was, of course, reading an English book to make the first entry for the tadoku contest ;-)

It was three at this early morning, I was climbing up the Everest with four youngsters. It's just one of the high mountains, but the Everest. I might not be able to reach to its pinnacle in this volume. Or rather I have to get over several deadly accidents along the way to the top. But the story is easy to follow and I can vividly visualize the scenes the characters are experiencing.

In reality, my physical condition will never allow me to undertake such a challenge to climb high mountains anymore, but I'm always thrilled reading stories about mountain climbing. Addition to that, I have this online friend in U.S. and he will let me enjoy the path he's gone through in the mountains with haiku. Not only can I feel the excitement of mountain climbing through books, but I will be reading his new diary maybe someday near future, I hope. :-)



たくさんたーくさんoops! なことして、それをbeautiful oops!にしちゃえ!って開き直りこそ、


Beautiful Oops!
Beautiful Oops!


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My life is filled with "oops"!
Beautiful oops!ぜひ読んでみたいです。

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