Dec 29, 2010

Registration for 多読 2011 is open! « Read More or Die

Registration for 多読 2011 is open!

18 Dec 2010 6 Comments

by readmod in how-to, update

The register is finally open! In order to register for the contest all you have to do is tweet “@tadokubot #reg [insert hilarious quote]” minus the quotes of course. You should get a tweet if your registration is successful. TadokuBot is a bot I made especially for tadoku! I’ll be posting details about it shortly. I’ll be keeping a list here but it may be outdated. To see the SUPER REAL-TIME list please check here.

Hooray! I'm finally over with Nengajo writing!! I'm not good at hand writing so it's always a pain to write a hundred or so postcards at the end of every year.

When I was fed up with writing the postcards, I often surfed around the Internet with my brand new PC and I bumped into several intriguing sites. I'd better write down all those sites and news before I forget.

Firstly, I'm going to introduce an exciting Tadoku contest! It's mainly for the learners of Japanese, but you can join the contest even if you do English tadoku. I've just registered myself and let the moderator know that I'm reading English material. You've got to use twitter to join the contest and need to get familiar with the use of twitter, but I bet you'll get used to it little by little.

The rule is quite simple; the participants are encouraged to read as many Japanese or other language material as possible in a month. The person who read the most Japanese books, manga, newspaper or whatever will win the contest.

Did you get curious enough? then read the rules first carefully and try to register on twitter.
Good luck!



what やhowじゃなくて、やる気, guts, curiosity!次第。


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