Nov 29, 2010

SATのflash cardsで笑う

I've been so busy preparing for the Tadoku festival that I had to postpone some new challenges I was planning to undertake soon. Now it's high time to resume them again and I did some questions from SAT textbook. At the end of the textbook, 200 flash cards are attached for vocabulary study and I tried to remember them. ha ha I know very well it's a hopeless challenge for someone like me in their forties to memorise words by simply reading flash cards, but it was not that bad since I came across really funny sentence during I was reading them, which reminds me of one person I was together at the Tadoku festival.

This is the sentence from flash cards:
"Nobody minded when Professor Renoir's lectures wandered away from their official theme; his digressions were always more fascinating than the topic of the day."

Did you get it? Did you have someone in your mind when you finished reading it?
I think if you're a tadokist, then you can tell the very person I'm talking about.
He was the hero ^^; of the tadoku festival.
BTW, the word I needed to memorise is digression, and it means wandering away from the subject. ^^;
Prof. Sakai never fails to digress in his lecture, right?

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