Sep 20, 2010

Stage "Utsukushiikoto" Talk show♪

I went to a talk show of the stage "Utsukushiikoto" with my friend yesterday.

The show lasted only an hour and a half and not all the details about making such a controversial stage are revealed, but I'm so happy to have met two of the main actors; Isaka Toshiya-san and Yonamine Keita-kun.

In the show, we watched several short cuts from the DVD on a big screen and the facilitator asked the five actors/actresses to talk about and undermine the secret stories behind those scenes.

The most interesting story was about how Yonamine-kun(Matsuoka) and Isaka-san(Hirosue) manged to make a hot scene together. When they were asked to speak out their honest feelings, they giggled meaningfully and said it was all thanks to the great help from female members, actresses and other workers. Whenever they started to practice the very scene, about ten of almost all the female workers surrounded them in the range of one meter and vigorously taught them how to act naturally in the love making scene to the details. Listening to this story, I understand why I was not a bit disguised seeing the love making scenes of men in real. It was mostly a female fantasy that contributed to the beautiful scenes. If those suggestions were made by male, then the scene could have been gross for the eye of women.

Having useful abundant suggestions from women, they seem not have had a big problem to act those scenes, but still, I thought Yonamine-kun might have worried a lot to play a female role. But he said noncharantly that he didn't mind at all to be kissed and loved because he was completely a different personality, Matsuoka, at that time on the stage.

After the talk, a photo-taking session with actors was held for the fans who bought the DVD of the stage, so I bought one and got a ticket for the photo-shooting. However, I'm such a shy and modesty person? that I wasn't sure if I will manage to behave properly as a good fan when I'm sandwitched by super cool guys. Instead of going through a heart-beating experience, I asked my dear friend to take a photo with them in place for me and she kindly accepted my offer! Thanks!!

The photo was taken from under the stage, so the angle is not perfect. Unfortunately, Yonamine-kun, the one on the left, looks small and girly, but his body is well built and he is definitely cool and adorable in real. Hearing his talk and judging from his behaviors, he must have been brought up in an ideal circumstance; with an affluent love of his parents and an easygoing, stress-free environment in Okinawa.

The right hand is Isaka-san and he is oh! so gorgeous, stunningly attractive. ^^; I bet not many women are able to resist falling in love with him when theirs eyes met. When he was young, he was trying to be a professional soccer player, but his injury didn't allow him to pursue his dream. He says in his profile, instead of becoming a soccer player, he chose to be an actor and keep spreading his passion and love to as many fans and audiences as possible. Anyway, it looks like there is nothing for him to be short of, but well, I don't know what's going to happen once women know his true personality. According to the talk show, he seems to be notorious for his becoming an annoying big kisser when he gets drunk, ha ha.

Behind my friend is Sasaki Takuma-san, and he is such kind of an actor to be likely chosen as a sub role all the time. I mean, whether he likes it or not, he is destined to behave as a crown and stay behind the leading actors. He is expected to work hard to cheer other young actors and to be a role model for them. I think he is the most enjoyable person to get along with if I were to befriend with one of them. You know it's not likely for anybody to be perfect both in character and in appearance.

It was a real nice show and I wish I could meet them again on the stage of the following story of Utsukushiikoto, but sad to say, the chances might be very slim.

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