Sep 9, 2010

kindle3 辞書またまた入れ替え

Well, I was thrilled to read books on kindle3 more at ease because I replaced the dictionary aimed for a native speaker of English with the one for English learners and it was supposed to enable me to learn the meaning of new words I encounter during the kindle3 reading in a flash!. Sad to say, it didn't work as I was expected.

The space for kindle3 to show the definition of the looked up words is very tiny, only two lines , then the definitions of a learner's dictionary tend to be very long with easier words and phrases. It's good for us learners to understand the meaning with every day words, but it needs certain amount of space to reveal all the explanations and sample sentences. They can't be put into the mere two lines.

So, for my great regret, I retrieved the pre-installed dictionary, OAD and set it as a primary dictionary again. I'm going to use the learner's dictionary I bought yesterday as not a dictionary to look up words but a book to read. The good think is that learner's dictionary contain tons of useful expressions and I guess I can use those expressions when I write this blog or other private messages. I'm going to read a learner's dictionary for pleasure^^

BTW, I came up with the idea to use a thesaurus for a dictionary and tried to set a thesaurus as a primary dictionary, but it seems kindle3 doesn't acknowledge a thesaurus as a dictionary. It doesn't show the title of a thesaurus in the dictionary section. Do you know if there is a way to use a thesaurus as a dictionary. If you do, pleeease let me know. ^^


本当は、シソーラスをprimary dictionaryに設定したいのだが・・・

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