Sep 17, 2010

Google Reader で追っかけてるサイト


Once you get familiar with surfing around the vast world of the net and you are not reluctant to read sites in English, then your radar to gather information will tremendously widen and you'll be no longer satisfied with watching TV or reading newspapers to catch up with the trend of the rapidly changing society.

As for me, I rather enjoy following popular and informative blogs to gather information and that enables me to further improve my English ability. It's a very reasonable way, in a sense, since I can satisfy both of my needs; improving English and collecting useful information.

However, if you live in Japan and don't belong to any international societies, then you've got to be prepared that you will likely to have no common knowledge among people around you, a nd if you want to mingle with others properly then you have to pretend as if you're interested in talking about boring fruitless things that you'll watch on regular TV programs.

If not, you're likely to be labeled as a weired hard-to-understand person, like me. ^^; I tend to stay quiet and keep shutting my mouth when I have to go with mothers of my children's circles. I want to be a sociable person and get along well with them. But it's almost impossible for me to break into the conversation about fashion, brands, cram schools, dramas, and so on.

Well, it's enough for pouting...

ひどいときは、まじzone outしてて、やば!



"emmie's shared items"

こんなサイトをGoogle Readerで読んでます。
今は、kindle, gadget, education, books, SNS関係の記事が多いかな。

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