Aug 13, 2010


I remember some time ago I declared that I'm going to read English books as much as 100million words. My challenge has just began only about a month ago, but it seems it has already hit an invisible wall in this early stage of challenge. I'm not sure yet if I'll regain the passion to read as many books as before, since I have too many concerns I have to struggle with this summer.

I have little time for my own doings; I've been to my home town after four years of absence and shocked to see my mother and my parents-in-law got older and weaker, I've got to join a summer camp of my son's baseball team to help them out both in the fields and the lodge. Thinking about this camp, that I have to spend a whole day under the blazing sun, has been tormenting me for the last several days. And last but no the least, my daughter will soon be out of Japan heading for NY and Boston, but she's not yet ready at all! Many things necessary for the trip are scattered all over the floor, and I don't know she's got everything she needs in her hand.

I've been in this hectic life, but bad things tend to happen in those crazy time, don't they? One morning two days ago, I was suffered from a piercing pain in my lower stomach and went to see a doctor. I was afraid if something was terribly wrong in my body, but it turned out to be that my intestines are not working well and unreleased gas did some bad tricks with my stomach. It was really a relief. Ah and moreover, one big worry was added yesterday, my partner, as usual, has gone to somewhere among mountains in Tohoku area...

All these things concerned, I guess it's not easy for everyone to concentrate yourself in reading under these situations...

Grammar Girl's Quick and Dirty Guide to Better Writing
Grammar Girl's Quick and Dirty Guide to Better Writing
....Oh well, the introduction got unexpectedly long, but I was meaning to introduce the grammar girl book today. Last time I got this book, I just skimmed through it and read only the parts necessary for me. This time I'm reading slowly with a pen and trying to figure out what grammatical things natives speakers are likely to make mistakes. And what I started to understand is that even native speakers often find it hard to write grammatically correct sentences. I'm sure many of you, Japanese English learners who have experiences entrance examinations to Univ, might see lots of advices of this book are quite basics and easy things. That means we, learners, study too many difficult rules or exceptions of English grammar, I guess.
I'm a big fan of her podcast station, too. It's not I can understand everything she talks during the show, but there are many useful tips in the show, and most of all, she is a person of graceful? wit.
Have a try!

Hope you'll have a good summer time with your family and friends.


Himawari said...

To do Tadoku needs lots of free time, so I began to take more time to read after I moved to another city, and I haven't done it since 2007. One thing I dont like about Tadoku is recording the number of words. That why I tried to avoid reading Time or Newsweek before. Now I don't often read English books but I scan Newsweek, web sites, BBC and so on almost everyday to get some information to write blog. I think you too. So you can say you do Tadoku!

When I looked for a software to check grammatical errors, I could find lots of them. Some of them can also check word usage and proper expressions. The soft was designated for international students and English teachers but lots of native speakers use them for thier reports. I wonder how it works. Have you tried those kind of software?

Mrs. Malone said...

Whoa! I didn't know there are many softwares to check not only spellings but also usages... I wonder if they're distributed for free on the net or I have to buy one. I'm quite curious. I've got to search for some reviews and see how effectively and accurately those softwares work.