Aug 27, 2010

舞台OH MY ゴースト! 大満足

と、友人をGot You! して、舞台見てきました。
楽しかったよ~ オバケ


思ったより出番多くて、前から3列目だったので表情しっかり見れて、 ぷぷぷ。

"Hey, what is this blog for? It meant to be a record or your tadoku history, right?"
I need somebody to remind me of the purpose of this blog from time to time, or I'll be writing about the otakish side of myself and there won't be any useful information about English learning, ha ha
As some of you know, I run another blog concerning Japanese sub-culture and now I have another new idea , well my friends call it a fire-work because it usually ends up just a dream, to use English both for my fun and for introducing Japanese pop culture. What if I open up a blog to cheer young talented actors in English? Nowadays, Seiyuu is quite popular among overseas Otaku girls, but I don't think Japanese actors are well know. Wanna join me, let me know!


Clarissa at Talk to the Clouds said...

Of course, I'm interested. :)
There are actually a lot of communities dedicated to various Japanese actors and pop stars on ... there's one big mega-community ( --it's a strange place and has its own weird culture, but I read it for news). There are also a lot of individual communities for specific actors and actresses. But they're sometimes not maintained well because it can be hard to get news translated, you know...

Mrs. Malone said...

Hi Clarissa,
Thanks for commenting such an otakish post, ^^;
and I'm glad to know there are many communities for Japanese actors. I'm going to check them if there is one for Yonamine Keita, whom I started to know just a few months ago at a stage. He's young, so I'm curious how he's going to change from now and hopefully be an attracetive actor^^.

It would also be fun to see which Japanese actors are popular especially in abroad. I wonder what do you mean by "weired culture," tough. Is it like the way only youngesters are likely to follow...

BTW, I became a frequent reader of LEfF(Learning English from Friends), which you posted in your blog, and I do learn a lot from his vigorous blog. I like his attitude toward leaning languages. Thank you!