Aug 19, 2010


I'm relatively a heavy user of PC in my generation, I guess, and sometimes surf around the net looking for intriguing blogs related to English learning, but it's not often the case that I can bump into an active, useful and amusing blog, which is especially ran by learners of English. I'd love to know how people all over the world learn English, what kind of approaches are the most trendy, and if there is any approach similar to Tadoku.

To my real enjoyment, my net friend made an entry about a blog, whose owner is a Korean guy, a learner of English, and now lives in US. He writes mostly about the English expressions, which he learned from his friends at office and around his neighbors, so all the stories and phrases are timely and colorful, not like the ones you'll find in out-of-the-date heavy serious looking textbooks.

Learning English From Friends(LEfF)

Please visit his site and read funny stories of his life. Don't hesitate to leave a message. I've written some comments and he was quick to respond-you've got to wait for some time to see you comment appear on the screen. Your comment needs to be approved by the owner of the blog. I'm sure he'll be delighted to have comments from someone who are also a learner of English.






Well, it's the second entry in one day. You'll see how distracted I am to do Tadoku now. Since my daughter had gone to NY and she's going to stay there for about two weeks, I don't know how I can settle my uneasy feelings and concentrate on reading books. Other than Tadoku, writing blog entries is a good leisure for me to stop worrying about my daughter's safety. She'll be leaving NY soon and head for Boston tomorrow by train?.


Terry Lee said...

Hi Emmie,
Good to see you here! How's it going? Thank you for posting my blog here. I have not heard from you for a while. Hope you are doing well. Seeya!

Mrs. Malone said...

Hi Terry,
I'm kind of flattered someone like you, actively working person on business and own study, visited my site and took time to leave a message^^;

Lately, I'm obsessed with my new toy, kindle3, and trying to do many things with it. One of the challenges is to read blogs on kindle and actually I tired to read your blog, too, but Google Reader doesn't seem to work properly. I'm going to read your blog from my PC as I did before.

I was just worried once if I was overwhelming your comment section, but judging from the comment you gave me here, I don't need to hesitate to leave a comment under your entry, right? ^^
Good day!