Aug 18, 2010


As the end of summer holidays come closer, my worry is only getting bigger and bigger every day and it will never stop to grow bigger when I see a big pile of blank papers, which my son was supposed to be practicing Kanji every day, is stuck on his desk. He still doesn't show any sigh of worries and does whatever he wants, watching TV and reading manga, from the cool morning.

Moreover, it's not the only homework he has to struggle with this summer. He has to make a research about something he's curious about and make a report of ten to fifteen pages.
It's way too much for a six grader, who hasn't received enough education how to conduct a research and write a report. If it were not for parents' or other grown-ups' help, children won't know how they can gather data and other necessary materials easily and efficiently, and put what they learned from them into one report.

All the students chose a topic by themselves during the classes, so parents have no idea what kind of topic our children decided to struggle with. When I heard my son's project at first, all I can say was "You are never going to make it with your project!" My son wanted to see when soap bubbles have different type of gasses in them, if there is any difference with their movement. Huh?! different type of gasses, in the ordinary house? My house is not a lavatory; it doesn't come with any facilities to keep various types of gasses.

Fortunately, my daughter was willing to give him a hand and she managed to carry out an experiment with oxygen and helium gasses, which she bought at 100 yen shop, and soap bubbles actually moved differently according to the inner gasses, so my son is able to write a report based on the real experiment. I'm not intrigued to perform such an experiment at all in this madly hot summer days, so I don't know what I should have done without my daughter's help.

After all, I doubt that this homework is not meant to educate children themselves. It's for teachers' sake! If there are some good reports, then teachers can hand in those reports to the contest. Teachers can appeal how good they're working with new type of education.

I believer teachers are serious to education children properly, and such a difficult homework was given to our children. However, we parents need to be cautious and see if they're given appropriate amount and quality of home works. When children are made to study something way beyond their abilities, then they start to find a way to finish their assignments easily, and as a result, only learn the way to cheat teachers, I'm afraid.

Ah, hot again...

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