Jul 23, 2010


" (guess as you like...) " ★★★☆☆ words : 100,000 / total : 923,054 + 10 million

It was the third time to read a book of this author, and to my regret, I'm not fascinated enough to order the next one this time. I think the theme and the plot of this book is quite interesting and the author skillfully webs newly born fashion, lifestyle and phenomena which became popular among youngsters in the real society into the story. But I was not filled with pleasure when I finished reading it. What bothered me the most was that there were several scenes that I couldn't understand why the characters had to act in particular ways. Things occurred so abruptly and unexpectedly that I can't stop analyzing the intention of the author. Every time an incident occurred, I couldn't stop thinking about the reason why this happening was included here, like the author might wanted to connect this story and that, so this particular scene is necessary... Well, I guess to enjoy this kind of light reading satisfactorily, I need to be able to read much much faster than now and finish reading it before I can realize I was analyzing the story.

To Kill a Mockingbird
To Kill a Mockingbird ★★★★☆ words : 110,000 / total : 1,033,054 + 10 million
After reading a trashy and dirty story, I felt like washing my mind with pure and encouraging stories. That's why I chose this book and I don't know it was the right decision.
I know this book is very highly acknowledged and made into a DVD long ago, but the theme is just difficult for me, who live in a homogeneous society, to understand. I couldn't make any connections between the happenings in the story to the the real life occurrences around me. Moreover, I was looking for the scene, where the main character eloquently delivers his believes at the court, in the book, but I couldn't find it.
Is the scene at the court in the DVD honest to the book? Or are new words added exclusively to the DVD?

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