Jul 17, 2010


Canoe Lake
Canoe Lake ★★★☆☆ words : 100,000 / total : total : 823,054 + 10 million
I picked up this book because I have a canoe..., no, it's not. It's not because of that, but one of the exchange students from Australia left this back as a souvenir to my friend, and she can't read as much English as this volume of a book, so I delightedly took it over with a promise of reading through. I didn't know what the story was about at first, even after reading the back cover summary, and it turned out to be one of the kinds I'm not so enthusiastic about, mystery... It took quite a while before I was able to be consumed into the story and get the slightest idea of what's going on... The style of the sentences was not my cup of tea and a bit difficult. Anyway I'd managed to read through it and now I'm longing to spend cool days by a quiet lake like the story and be wrapped in a tranquility of nature.
Speaking of a canoe, I actually have one, more precisely, my partner has a folding canoe, and unfortunately, it's stuck deep in the store box at the back of my house.
I did went out into rivers in that canoe when I was more active and loved going out whenever I have time. I enjoyed a quiet ride cherishing the beauty of riverbanks. The scenery from a canoe is quite different from the one we can enjoy walking on the ground and I can tell why some people are fascinated helplessly with a canoe drifting.
Good old days~

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