Jul 9, 2010


The Hundred Dresses
The Hundred Dresses ★★★★☆ words : 7000 / total : total : 723,054 + 10 million
From the last Monday through next Friday, an open seminar of tadoku is being held, (ahhh I'm not quite sure about the usage of the tense of verb like this. I know it's high time for me to learn the correct usage, but it's still a bother...), at Ohta sakuradai high school in Tokyo.
都立大田桜台高校 多読講座について  : follow the link and check the みんなの広場 board!
I joined the session yesterday and read this wonderful classic story of children's literature. The theme is about a bulling, but it's not harsh like other stories nowadays and it's kind of a relief.

Speaking of the tadoku session, there were about 10 participants yesterday and all of them were quite eager to read ORT and other easy English books. After the session, I went to a Izakaya restaurant with Mr. Sakai and 5 members and I had a very pleasant time. One of the new members seemed to have a similar interest to me, well more precisely both of us shall be called an otaku..., and he even guessed right what I was interested in the most right now in just five or so minutes of small talk. Got to befriend with him and cultivate a new world for otakist(otadokist): otakist(otadokist) is a newly invented word by my tadoku friend and it consists of two words, otaku and tadokist. If you're a frequent reader of my site, then the chances are high, I guess, that you're one of them...^^


Clarissa at Talk to the Clouds said...

It started last Monday (the past) and it will finish next Friday (the future), so it's still going on now--is that right? In that case, it's "an open tadoku seminar is being held." :)

"Will have been held" is if you are talking about an event in the future *from the point of view* of imagining a time *after* its future completion. So if this event ends on the 16th, by the 17th it "will have been completed."

I know, those tenses are annoying to explain. :/

OTAKIST! I love it. Heeheehee. I had a nice conversation with one of my students (from Japan) about "the manga and anime that we can't confess to our Japanese friends that we like."

Yesterday, similar to your experience, a new Japanese Twitter follower of mine recommended Mushishi, Nodame Cantabile, and "Even a Monkey can Draw Manga." I have all of those. (That last one is kind of weird and obscure, but I own it.) Mushishi is one of my favorites, actually.

I was impressed, because I had only told him that I like Planetes, Gokusen, and Chi's Sweet Home.

Mrs. Malone said...

Hi Otakist Clarissa!

Before replying this message, I've got to notice you that I just deleted the new entry, which you kindly left a word, weird... , I guess. Since those e-mails I wrote about there are undoubtedly weird, so I thought I'd better not tempt others to do the same thing as I did.

Now, Thank you very very much for your lesson!!! In this case, both the past and the future are used in one sentence and I was confused. As you might know already, it's very confusing for Japanese because we don't have a definite way to distinguish the future or the past as English has.

Oh! welcome to the Otakist world!!
One of my otakist friends in Canada once said Mushishi is poetic or something and she liked it very much. I just finished reading Nodame the other day. I always recommend English version of Nodame to English learners in intermediate level.


from Otakist(Otadokist) emmie