Jul 5, 2010


Shopaholic Takes Manhattan
Shopaholic Takes Manhattan ★★★★☆
words: 100,000 / total : 716,054 + 10 million

The exchange student program is over and I'm supposed to go back to my ordinary life and start doing some errands such as making a leaflet of a summer camp for my son's baseball team or mending his socks which never fail to be covered with big holes after a practice... But it's just too hot and humid to work properly, so the best thing I can do under this lazy atmosphere is to make a new entry of tadoku and check the progress...

So, this is the second book for me to read the shopaholic series and I feel like having had enough of it. I'm not one bit interested in shopping, so this book meant for me no more than a fairly easy reading. No life can be such an easy-peasy one and nobody could pay back a huge amount of debt in just one day. And who on earth would like to marry a woman, no matter how beautiful and talented she would be, who is heavily addicted to shopping.
Anyway, when you want to see a rapid progress in tadoku word count, I think it's not bad to give it a try.

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