Jun 27, 2010


"S........." ★★★★☆ words: 90,000 / 606,054
It was a brand new experience to read this kind of story and I'm sure if you know the title, then you'll be taken aback appallingly and might come around thinking over if you should keep visiting this blog ^^;. Nevertheless, I'm not intended to give up reading crappy books because even these trashy books never fail to make me realize the fact that reading books, which will be an easy reading in the first language, sometimes become much much difficult to understand than reading decent materials such as Newsweek, Time, and famous books having won prizes. I want to read various kinds of book and broaden my vocabularies. ^^;

Moyasimon 2: Tales of Agriculture
Moyasimon 2: Tales of Agriculture ★★★★☆? words: 10,000 / total : 616,054 + 10 million
Now, it's manga! and Moyasimon is definitely the manga you shouldn't miss.
However, this English version was not fun... I think the translation is no good. I wonder if the translator really understands the meaning what he/she translates. It's like the translation is not well digested in the translator and ended up being just a mere literal translation. Or is it just because my knowledge of bacteria things simply lacks?

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Clarissa said...

Ah, I'm interested in "Moyasimon" (I wonder why they used a non-standard romanization system for the title--anyway, it's non-standard in English-speaking countries). I haven't looked at the translation yet, though.

My friend recently finished translating all of the "Spice & Wolf" novels, so I need to read them as they come out.