Jun 15, 2010


The Boy in the Dress
The Boy in the Dress ★☆☆☆☆ words: 25000 / total: 354,054

It could be because my expectation skyrocketed when I saw the illustration of the front cover, it became one of the least satisfactory reading experiences ever in my English Tadoku history. I don't understand why on earth my favorite illustrator, Quentin Blake, had to offer his magic hand to help such a crappy story with his marvelous work.
Too many issues are shoved into the story, so readers might be made to wonder if they should be happy or angry or sad every time a new theme cut in the story, and they end up feeling lost in complete bewilderment. The worst moment was when the book is literally LAUGHING madly for a length of three pages, I was not a tiny bit tempted to join that amusement...

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