Jun 12, 2010


Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life
Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life ★★★★★ / words: 65,000 / total: 214,054

While I was surfing through Amazon USA, I ran into this book, and that title itself was too tempting to turn it down.
(BTW, my partner loves outdoor activities and bird watching. It's good for you to have something you can be crazy about, but as a mother of two children, I wish he could be a more ordinary man and stay at home on weekends. You see, it's Saturday night here and he's just gone to somewhere again for climbing or something, you name it. Hope I'll be able to see his happy face tomorrow. ^^;;;)
Okay, so back to the book, there are many parts I was quite fascinated about this book, and especially when I read the following sentences, I can't help bursting out laughing. If you're a tadokist to frequent tadoku.org, then you'll see why I got hysterical having read this...

"But if he is too strident or adamant, ditch the sucker. ... Why waste what little time you may have left with such scum?"

mmm, am I too cruel, I wonder.

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