Jun 11, 2010


Dumb Creatures
Dumb Creatures ★★☆☆☆ / words:9,000 / total:89,054
I think the climax of this book is supposed to be the last several pages and the author expects us to be moved to, well how much, to numb, or shed some drops of tears, but it didn't work for me. Nothing happened when I finished reading it. I didn't feel any rhythm in it.

"Best ... R...... 2010"
★★★★★ / words: 60,000 / total: 149,054
It might not be appropriate to write the title here, but it was quite a fascinating read. Fifteen short stories are compiled and some of the stories were quite new and enchanting for me. I'm keen to put my hands on books in the same genre to it. LOL

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