Jun 10, 2010


Old Macdonald Had An Apartment House
Old Macdonald Had An Apartment House
There are some other hilarious titles by the same author such as "Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs" and "Animals should definitely not wear clothing." The latter comes with quite big letters and funny illustrations, and the story itself is very simple and amusing, so it's good to read at a storytelling time for various audiences from small children to grown-ups.

words: 913
total: 80,054


Paul said...

Hello Nori,
Those really are funny titles!

May I ask you two questions?

1. Have you seen my latest climbing story (at this link)?


I think you might enjoy reading it.

2. I wrote a haiku poem last night and tried to translate it into hiragana but I am not sure if the translation makes any sense.

Could you help me see the light? Here is the poem:

Ripples in a pond.
August moon.

matataku yo.
sazanami ni ike.
aki no tsuki.


Mrs. Malone said...

Hi Paul,

Nice to have you here again!
Yes, Yes! I've read your new entry and it was like,
Oh, Gosh, please let Paul have a teeny tiny moment to praise the beauty of nature in a quite peaceful den,
till I came to about half of the story. I'm really glad you were able to enjoy the exceptionally beautiful scenery in such a hard climbing.

Now, about your Haiku!!!
Is this your first challenge? It really is wonderful. It not only does make sense but also pictured the serenity in my mind.

If there is ever anything I can say about that, the second line could be changed a bit to make haiku more honest to the English version.

matataku yo.
ike ni sazanami
aki no tsuki.

Hope it could be of some help to you.

Lately, I started to wish to be more free to use English, so I'm trying to read lots of English books and making a record of the number of the words I've read to motivate me ^^;

Talk to you again!