Apr 19, 2010



No matter how good your English can be, there won't be many chances in Japan to use English ability in daily use unless you belong to a company or some kind of organization. In this case, you might join a free conversation class at English schools or online conversation sites, but it's only the first several times you can feel really excited. Speaking of me, it'll soon become mundane and I lose the passion which I had when I first started. I love to exchange opinions and ideas with many people, but speaking to the same person is not so motivating and eye-opening. I need something more challenging and more fun to keep improving English.

Then, if you're an out-going person and good at explaining things, then this will be a fun experience for you and your friends. You can register as a guide for people coming to Japan, and work as a volunteer tour guide or you can ask them to pay certain amount of reward to you.
I often wonder if I do this kind of volunteer guide for friends overseas who have the same interests to me when they come visit Japan. But there is one concern which stops me from doing it. That is, what kind of person I really am becomes apparent and I won't be enjoying at the fan sites anonymously after that.

I don't know this site is safe of not, so better read some comments from the people who have actually gone on a tour with a guide.



Wintersweet said...

That sounds cool. :) I think there's something like Goodwill Guides in Japan too.

Most of my friends in Japan are not geeky, so I hope I can make some geeky friends in Japan if I go there to work someday. It'll be too depressing buying comics by myself if I don't. :P

Anyway, if you live in a major Japanese city, http://www.meetup.com/ is another site you can try. I've gone to a couple of meetups in the US. Every group is different depending on who is in it. It's free to use the site, although some meetups have a small fee if you go. (The person who is in charge of each meetup group has to pay meetup.com a little bit, so that's why.)

Whiskers said...


Probably it's true that there isn't much more you can get out of exchanges from the same members on the same BBS.

I can see that you are far ahead of others and now so independent, like Sakai-sensei expressed as 'departed.'

Your blog has really been informative and inspiring for me, and I heartily hope you won't close this place. Pleeeaaaase....
How much I enjoyed visiting your blog! In many cases I did't, well couldn't leave comments, though.

I don't want to embarrass you, so I'd better stop whining.

Please write some articles here from time to time!

ひまぞ said...




Mrs. Malone said...

Hi Wintersweet!
Oh I didn't know there is another guide system like this. I've got to check it out on the net.

mmm buying comics here in Tokyo, well I can't say many grown-up women buy comics at bookstores of every corner, but it's not bizarre or anything^^; When you come to Japan and need to find geeky friends, I'm more than happy to help you. ^^
How is your job hunting out there? I read a few entries that you applied for some positions, but it seemed very difficult to get good one.

I've known meetup for some time, but haven't gotten courage to join meetings by myself... I'm going to visit the site again and see what kind of groups are made lately.

Thank you!

Mrs. Malone said...

Hi Whiskers-san,

Thank you for your warm message.

It's hard to say but it's true I'm not thrilled to mingle with other tadokist at tadoku.org as I did before, or I'd better say I'm afraid that what I write there might agitate some new members of tadokist, since what I'm doing right now is very far ahead of others in a way, and in bad cases, I would stress them out and deprive the joy of tadoku from them...

I'm thinking now is that I should write about Mr. Sakai's activities more here. He's too busy to write all about his activities related to Tadoku.

I'm always welcome to read your whining and pouting about English education, so please fill me with outrageous stories ha ha.


Mrs. Malone said...





ひまぞ said...



学校の授業って、「なんであんなにおもしろくないんだろ~?」「語学教室だと楽しく語学を学べるのに??」と不思議でならなかったのですが、最近はじめた語学学校のドイツ語も同じような感じで、既成概念で凝り固まっている先生や生徒にはその方が居心地よさそうなんです。英語を楽しいだけで学べてしまった経験をもつ私には、ああいうのは少しも我慢できません…。何にも覚えられない自信があります!! たぶんすぐ止めちゃうと思うのですが、私の方が堪え性がないとか思われるんだろうなぁ~。


今はあんなことのすぐ後なので、そんな気持ちにはなれないかと思いますが、話題が増えていったらまた書きたくなってくるかも…? そんな気持ちになったらその気持ちのままに~。

Mrs. Malone said...

"Oh really? All the textbooks I have say ..."と、いやみたっぷりの返信がついたことありますよ^^; 日本語を学びたいなら、日本人に聞くより教科書に聞けか・・・

ORT read at homeのスペイン語、この前見たな。


ひまぞ said...


Oh really? I never heard like that. You can say it, but I must laugh to hear it.Sorry.なんて言っちゃうかも。性格悪いかな。