Mar 9, 2010

time for, no it's free writing in my definition...

So, now I felt like writing just about anything freely. I have a hunch that it might turn out be a full of whining and pouting... mmm, not sure it's a correct way to spell.
I've been busy lately, yeah, I didn't intend to make myself this busy, but one after another I have requests from friends overseas and everything is very intriguing and I can't turn them down.
I wrote several mails today to some friends live in, here I go, Sweden, Thailand, Canada, U.S. and India... Ha! It's just unbelievable, isn't it. While reading manga and a bit of Haiku in English, and eating chocolate and coffee in a messy small living room, I can have a talk with friends scattered all over the world.
The other day, I sent a parcel to a friend in Thailand and I was terribly worried about that because the very thing in a parcel is a bimonthly magazine sold in Japan, but it's a kind of magazine which could be considered as porn in Thailand... What if I was accused of sending such a dirty material abroad... To my relieve, I got a mail today and she/he got the parcel safely. Anyway, next time, if I'll ever send such materials again, I won't be writing my real address but a fake one.
My friend in Canada is now working really hard to start her own business and I'll be sending some Japanese things to help her. This time she asked me to look for Maneki neko and Daruma! ha ha She can easily get a hand on those items in Canada, but she's eager to obtain made in Japanese goods. I'm afraid they are fragile to send to Canada...
I got a mail just about an hour ago from a friend in Sweden, she was about to go to Univ. She is a mother of four children, I believe, but she's so active and willing to learn new things. I heard she was taking some courses for free at Univ. mmm I envy her. oh BTW, what's going to happen with the tuition for children in Japan? I don't need it to be free, but at least the tuition for public Univ. should be kept low, I hope.
So, that's about it, got to get back to house chores. It's snowing outside. I'd better stay inside and be an Otaku again tomorrow.

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