Mar 23, 2010

Kinokuniya Osaka manga sale

I got this pile of mangas this morning from Kinokuniya Osaka... The crazy person, who bought 25 manga at one time..., is not me but my daughter... She'll be a fresh man at high school from this April, so she've got relatively big allowance to use for her own purposes and what she's decided to pour her money into was not cute goodies or fashionable clothes but manga... She's a born Otaku.
However, I think such an otaku way of enjoying English is much much better than studying English with tons of textbooks and taking Eiken and ending up becoming a conglomeration of hatred and complex towards English itself .
Each of them were 400yen at Kinokuniya Osaka.


Wintersweet said...

So translated manga are cheaper in Japan than here, huh? (English-language manga costs $9-12 per book here! I can only get it for $5 or $4 at the used book store.)

Anyway, as you know, I really recommend this technique, haha. :)

Mrs. Malone said...

Hi Wintersweet,

Oh, it was only because they are on SALE! Manga usually costs around 1,000yen. Yen is strong now, so it's relatively cheaper than usual, though.
I can buy manga in Amazon Japan or big bookstores in Tokyo, but I'm a frequent user of an online book store called BookDepository based in England, maybe. They don't charge anythinig for shipping! and books are sent separately in an envelope with a cuchion!

Manga is really useful to learn colloquel expressions, but few teachers are aware of that because they don't acknoledge manga as intellectual materials, and moreover, they CAN'T read them, I'm serious here. Manga is too casual and natural for many Japanese English teachers to read for fun. sigh...