Feb 3, 2010

whining...don't shrink the potential of tadoku

Todaku has gotten so popular in such a short period of time, and it might going to spread more even rapidly once some leading private schools, which have been exercising Tadoku for some years, starts to show excellent results with entrance examinations to University. I belong to a teacher's ML of Tadoku and there I guess some teachers are now interested in how they can apply Tadoku as a supplementary method for those tests and accelerating the study of English.

The other day, one of the teachers wrote, It's unavoidable for them teachers to look for a way to utilize Tadoku for teaching English. But, when I read his saying, I got kind of annoyed. I kept thinking about the reason why I was not into his idea since then, and I think I was able to sum up bits of my idea.

I'm rather against to see Tadoku as one of methods to master English and try to prove the effectiveness of Tadoku using the results of tests such as a standardized test. Once you set a gold of Tadoku for taking good scores in those tests, Tadoku's profound and more fundamental advantages are likely forgotten, I'm afraid. Tadoku is aiming for a much more higher goal, isn't it? And more over, Tadoku can't happily exist in the same field of English education of Japan, because the most important aspect of Tadoku is that, you are recommended to absorb English without any help of Japanese. We shouldn't be satisfied ourselves with understanding English in a frame of Japanese.

We have to intake English as it is with situations. You might find it easier and feel more confident if you translate English to Japanese, but it won't give you the true meaning of the English itself. Translation would likely to stop you from acquiring the core meaning of English .

Anyway, what I really want to say is that, the most vicious and useless thing we've ever done in Japanese English education is that 日本語に訳すこと。なぜなら、日本語に置き換えた段階で、理解できたと思い込んでしまい、英語の持つ本来の意味を吸収しようとしなくなるから。

I do hope young people won't need to waste their time to make the same mistakes as we did, and set themselves free in a vast sea of English, immerse themselves in it and abroad English as it is.


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