Feb 13, 2010

I want Tatsuhisa Suzuki on the A-Team project just started!!!

Are you a fan of Tstsu? ha ha I know nobody could be one...
If you're interested in knowing how small but enthusiastic world of Seiyuu fan overseas could work together to support one Japanese Seiyuu on the net.
I want Tatsuhisa Suzuki on the A-Team

He often tells about his passion towards A-Team drama, and this fall the A-Team movie is released in Japan. So We fans are eager to support him in some ways. Our support wouldn't play a lot to make his dream come true, we know that well, but it's better to do anything we can than doing nothing.

Aaand it's Valentine's day tomorrow and this photo book is released again. I'll be getting one soon. Can't wait!
Well, I'm considering I'd better change the title of this blog, since I don't think I'll be writing anything about tadoku or language learning any more...


Wintersweet said...

Hmm, I can't tell if you're joking about not writing about tadoku/language learning anymore...

I'm writing more and more at talktotheclouds.com (and @talkclouds ) but it's gotten harder to write at readableblog.com ... hmm. I am thinking about changing ReadableBlog so that the focus is on about one paragraph per day in easy-to-read English, just about daily stuff. I don't know if beginning/lower-intermediate learners would welcome that or would think it was boring. What do you think?

I'm taking Japanese classes again, and I need to write about that at Talk to the Clouds.

Paul said...

Hello Noriko.
I just wrote a new post for my blog which has a beautiful translation of "Minase Sangin Hyakuin" from japanese to english.

Maybe you and others may find it interesting.

I think Nobuyuki Yuasa is the finest translater of poetry.


Mrs. Malone said...

ha ha, I'm kind of serious...it's not like I lost interests in persuing the mystery of langauge learning, but I'm kind of disappointed that I can't find any Japanese teachers who are willing to talk about Tadoku/language learning in ENGLISH.

Isn't it ridiculous when they have vast knowledge of English, few of them seem to be interested in to use it in real situations. It looks like most of the Japanese English teachers are poor user of PC, and that might be the reason they don't know there are many places to use English these days. They know nothing about social media such as twitter, facebook kind. Can you believe?
There are so many useful sites for langauge learning, you know, but Japanese teachers simply can't use them... sad.

Yes, I like the idea to write about your daily things. Formal stuff like news articles are easy to find, but those everyday stories are rather difficult to get for langauage learners.
We don't learn frequently used daily expressions on the textbooks, and it would be useful for me too!

Did you make a new entry about Japanese classes? I'll come to read it later.