Feb 18, 2010



You got finally quite busy preparing for your business!!! Isn't it great?! How is your expectation for that business. I guess it might be the same in Canada as in Japan or U.S. that their economy is now down and doesn't seem to find any exit to boost it yet.
If there is anything I can do for you, please don't hesitate to ask me. I'm more than happy to help you from Japan.
I can't imagine what your business is really like, but I've sent some goods, such as CD and some small snacks, to a friend in Sweden! and it was not so much trouble, so I can send you Japanese goods if you need.

You seemed to be quite busy right now, so don't bother yourself sending some goods to me. I'm really curious how your business goes from now on, so I'm quite happy to listen to your story time to time. If you ever find something intriguing for me, then I'll give you my home address then. But please make the most of your time for your new challenge!

Everyday I watch Olympic games on TV. Is the Olympic stadium close to your town?
When I saw bare naked brown ground of high jump field, I thought it was so not like Canada. ha ha My image of the winter in Canada is a field covered with thick snow as far as I can see.

BTW, don't you think my English got quite better, especially in fluency? To tell you the truth, when I first started to exchange mails with you, it took me quite a looong time to text you, even writing a few lines was quite a pain. If you were not the one who has similar background to me such as a mother of two children and you're close in age, or share similarity in personal characters^^, I wound not have been sending you a mail up till now. Now I can write to you in much much relaxed mood, and I love this moment of writing you a mail.
I'm really glad to have known you, ○○○○.

It's cold here in Tokyo, but this winter is relatively warm than usual.
Hope to talk with you again!

Take care!
かぜを、ひかないようにね。(kaze wo hikanai youni)

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