Feb 26, 2010

backpack with built-in tent, whoa!

The result of my daughter's test to enter high school was made public just now, and I saw her number. Hooray! Actually, she has passed the first test, which only those students, who fulfill the certain requirements from the school, can try, so I didn't need to check her number today, but anyway, it's good to see and confirm it again.

So, I'd like to feel the joy for a while and this video adds more excitement to me.
Isn't it cool?
If you see me face to face, you might not believe, but I love mountain climbing, and when I was young, I climbed a mountain covered with thick snow wearing certain kind of gears necessary for winter mountains. Good old days.
Nowadays, I don't often go out to climb mountains, but I love to see new gears made especially for outdoor activities. I wish I could buy this one, but I've already got three tents. ha ha


chico said...

geeeeeeee, emmie. you always tickle
my itchy legs. I'm so+trillion "O"s
sick of sitting at the table, looking into the pc screen, waiting for some brilliant ideas come up. Need a BREAK.
I've got to outlet this stress by outdoor activities.
Twain is great! Huck is brilliant but I...suck. so are critiques.
I think they are all jealous of someone's artistc talent. Same as some teachers who continuously pick on a kid with brilliant mind.
I've started to think it is much better to be "uneducated" than "educated"
in a deformed educational system.
Finding a place to learn is challenging but perhaps with your own steadfast principle,you can turn any places into classrooms.
oh,no, here I go again. Damn!my mind!

How about Hanami, emmie? Showa Kinen park or Koganei park ?

Mrs. Malone said...

Hola Chico,

I read your diary and you wrote you've already finished the first draft of you thesis?! How come! When I was a college student and prepared for my thesis, it took me a whole summer to make a research and gather data from different materials such as books, magazines and other first sources... , you know, I majored in socioloby, I've ruined? some time of my final year for the thesis. But in the end, I was able to come to nowhere!... I don't know how I managed to hand in the thesis and got a credit...

Well, it's quite true you need a break to let your brain inhale as much fresh air as you like. We've got to check Mr. Sakai when he is available. He won't be around in a few days, I guess.

I've met several energetic Tadokist teachers with a sharp tongue yesterday at Senor's high school. They talked non-stop about devastating school education nowadays.
Don't you think we're now living in the totally new society which everyone can have access to highly educational materials and people with knowledge and experiences just by searching the net. The chances of learning are out everywhere. So the most important thing of children's education is that we caretakers, teachers and parents, always cherish children's curiosity and let them wonder and enjoy this very moment as much as they want. mmm it's no good, I can't stop once I start to talk about education...

So aren't you going to make a thread of Hanami off-meeting in tadoku.org? If not, I'll make one soon.

Oh, one more thing, I forgot to listen to your amazing story in Gogyoka forum last time.

Paul said...

Hello Noriko-san,

You like mountain too?
Well...trust me, it's never too late to start climbing again!

I took a mountaineering class in 2005; we learned how to climb out of glacier creavasses and help rescue others who had fallen into them.

Of course, that required some special gear.

I took pictures of my class doing these things - you might like to see the gear:


If you would like to read my harrowing story another volcano I climbed (and didn't get to the top) you will find it at this link.


BTW, thanks for your comment on my poetry blog, I will answer it soon - I have so much to say there!

Anonymous said...

I've got to be away from Huck and my thesis for a while at least for this weekend. I'm so obsessed by it and forget to do other stuff including looking after my child. OOOOPS.Her demand for my attention is getting so gigantic that I started to suspect she would do anything for it. So, I'm gonna pay full attention to her this weekend till she gets totally sick again. hahaha

yap. I've finishe my first draft just because I focused on one book
and I've got such a firm belief in free soul. Plus as you mention, we live in this brilliant net world. one click would get me millions of imformation. Though Gogyohka Junction, I get to know two brilliant poets and they helped me greatly to construct my argumen. They are not 100% convienced yet but at least,I got them listen!!!

I've been posting to their site almost daily and have made 65 poems since last november. it has surely become one of my passion and Peter, one of the site organizer plus my editor for my thesis has asked me to work on poems together as duet and we have produced a couple of them. He is a published poet working on his second book which I was asked to contribute some poems.

Funny how things get connected in the net world.Of course there are heaps of dark sides but with a bit of caution, we can expand our world infinitely.

I'm thinking about taking some of courses on net after getting out of this stale educational system.
I'm going to seek more exciting one on the net. I believe that's what our kids should do. You can choose the best teacher for your interests from any place in the world. Isn't it cool or what?

YES YES YES, would you please check on Mr. sakai and ask for everyone to join us on tadoku.org?
You know much much more tadokists than I do. We can have a bit of Gogyohka workshop as well. well, no presenter though.I'll introduce some of gogyoka and I'm sure tadokists can come up some brilliant ones.