Jan 8, 2010

started to read...

The Fourth Estate
The Fourth Estate Though I call myself Tadokist, someone who read many books hoping to improve their language ability, I'm not reading as many books as being one. I need something to motive myself to read more, so I'll make an entry about the book I'm reading, not the books I've finished reading. This way, I can put a pressure on me. he he
mmm, I can hear someone is saying that it's absurd and it won't work good on me.

I had several books written by Jeffrey Archer at home, I don't remember when I bought them though, and I started to read this, the Fourth Estate, which has 195,500 words. I don't want to take such an thick book with me, so as usual when I read PB, I sliced this book into four pieces. This makes about 8mm thickness for each book. It's easy to take around, isn't it ^^;
Wonder how many days it takes to finish this...

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