Jan 3, 2010

positive news for those extremely forgetful like me...

I stumbled into a very positive news suitable for the beginning of the new year, especially for those who're now in the middle age like me, and started to wonder why you suddenly found it difficult to remember new things or can't utter names of the things you were quite familiar with.

I've been terribly forgetful and caused many many big troubles, the worst one happened when I was working for a securities company. I was responsible for quite a big amount of money, I have to check the balance sheet of about 100 accounts of the company at different banks, and I, two or three times, forgot to balance the account at the end of a day... you see, it's securities company, so I'm not talking about one thousand yen or one million yen, I'm talking about one thousand million yen... If the account is closed with minus, then the company are made to borrow some money and have to pay big interest even for a day. I'll never ever be able to compensate the loss with my small salary. I always thought I was undoubtedly misplaced in that section.
okay, enough for my old days story.

I assure you that you won't be annoyed any more with the decay of your brain power once you read this article from the New York Times.

Oh..., my partner came down stairts. I forgot to have asked him to go shopping with me by car... 've got to go ^^;

Happy Holidays!


chico said...

Hoooooopful! I love the article. Actually I've been introduced the idea of remembering things with key words or association words but I forgot that I knew that. Ummm?
is it hopeful?

anyway, this is another year and I think I would keep on transforming myself. ummm? nothing new?
oh, well, nothing is new but nothing stays the same. this is my first quote of the year. hung on...maybe the second...third???
I forgot...

cheers, emmie.
Hope to see you soon.

Mrs. Malone said...

Hi chico,
I think your new year would be a really busy one, but I hope I can work on together to make an international airport in Tadoku mura and push?! people into real communication by using English.

BTW, do you know what "ツンデレ”means? I'm said to be ツンデレ, that is, I look serious outside, but easy and sloppy inside.
It causes some troubles time to time. Some only see my serious side and think they can count on me. But I'm not...

At the very end of the last year, I forgot to attend an important meeting of my son's baseball team, and I was terribly depressed then. so forgetful...

chico said...

emmie, forgetting about the meeting must have psychological explanation...deeper one. haha
I do tend to forget some unpleasuable or avoid almost unconsciously. This tendency is shown under over-stressful situation such as test-taking

I took a sample TOEIC test on line the other night and my score was ...aweful...more than 200 lower than the first one I took ten years ago. I blame this terrible fact on the uni. study. haha
So, finally I've got this expensive book for TOEIC and try to nail it.

talk to you later!

Mrs. Malone said...

Hi Chico,

I'm thoroughly understand the reason why I missed the very meeting of baseball related one, it was caused by a psychological reason... quite true.
My mind unconsciously protected me from going down...I can't believe why I have to go through such an ordeal for my rebellious son.

Weren't you drunk when you took the test? ha ha You don't need to blame yourself. The test is not made for native speakers and you're more like a native now.

TOEIC is more like a physical exercise, so younger the better in a way. Why don't you take another kind like TOEFL? I'm sure you'll do better that one.