Jan 12, 2010

Audiobook と DramaCD

トワイライト~初恋~ スタンダード・エディション [DVD]
トワイライト~初恋~ スタンダード・エディション [DVD] 某タドキストさんも楽しまれている、こちら、今AudioCDで聞いていますが。
I visited one of tadokist's blogs and found she's also enjoying this story in a book. I've been listening to it, but...
It's not so much fun...
Since I started to enjoy Japanese DramaCd, I can't help comparing audiobook and DramaCD.
Twilight is recorded by a woman.
She uses her low and suppressed voice for acting a man,
これが常にどよ~んとくらく。しんみりもワクワクも、みな、お・な・じ^^; なんだかなーです。
and it sounds always tiresome and dark. I can't tell just with her voice if the scene is happy or sad. It's not fun.
There seem to be quite a number of Seiyuu fans abroad and I didn't understand why they were so eager to listen to Japanese voice actors when they couldn't understand Japanese.
Now, I can see why. Once you compare audiobook and DramaCD, DramaCD is much more fun than audiobook.
Well, then, the next audiobook was not bad at all.
Charlie and The Chocolate Factory CD
Charlie and The Chocolate Factory CD
It's done by male voice. I prefer high pitched voice than manly voice. Oh, maybe I like this reading only because I prefer men's voice...

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