Sep 25, 2009

time flies and nothing special ...

oh, it's already the end of September, I don't know why time flies so fast lately.
I have many things I want to write in my blog everyday, but just don't have enough time to make my entry easy to read for visitors.
My hobby work of manga translation is getting well and I'm coming to the final stage of "U:V." which is really hot manga, and I'm so proud of myself to be able to accomplish my tran without being fed up with in half. Strange thing is that since I started this translation, I changed the way to read books, and now I usually hold a pen and when I came across would-be useful expressions I might use in manga, then I underline them and look back them time to time.
If you read books in this way, you might take quite a long time to finish just one book and you can lose interests in the book. But it doesn't happen with me now. I realized again that it's not the only best thing to read books simply a lot for your English learning. Sometimes you can enjoy reading different ways and take more intensive ways.
mmm... I don't know what I'm writing now, but anyway, I feel terribly lucky to have found a way I can improve my English along enjoying it.

As for my classes in high school, I had a very annoying experience last time. Students are allowed to watch DVD in my class in English, but one of the students went too far and brought a DVD from a rental shop. The thing is that this DVD was rather sexy one not appropriate for school. So I got sooo furious and I wanted not just give him a severe punishment as usual, but make him do something rather shameful to let him realize how careless he was as a high schooler. I may not look like but I'm a wicked teacher in a way... So my idea was... I made a lecture about nursery rhymes yesterday, and during the lecture I let him come to the front of the class and enjoyed "pease porridge hot" together with clapping hands along the song. I guess it made a good punishment for a high schooler, that he had to play like a child with his teacher if his careless behavior gets on my nerves...ha ha
OK, time to go back everyday chores...

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