Sep 28, 2009

sweet words from my son

I didn't know a piece of chat could make me so calm and thankful.

I had a small talk with some mothers of my son's baseball club yesterday, and one of the mothers reported us the conversation our children had in her house.
Her report was ...
one boy, whose mother was also having a small talk together then, said his mother may look young and kind outside, but actually she's not kind at all at home. She sometimes doesn't allow him to enter his house unless he's finished certain load of tasks such as baseball hitting practice...
ha ha
We mothers there all burst out laughing hearing his honest story of his mother. We all know that we can't help treating our children just like his mother did one way or another.

And then, the next story made me lose my words.
My son said that I am a kind mother!
Oh My!
I didn't know how sweet he was.

I was really relieved to know this story.
I see myself being a bad bad mother, always scolding at my children about tiny things and sometimes leaving terribly harsh words to them.
So, it's was a tremendous remedy for me that my son didn't take me that way.

My son is really shy and doesn't say anything to show his gratitude towards me, but I think I can forgive his shyness now if I remember his sweet words.


Anonymous said...

Hi, malone-san.

This is a GREAT STORY!!

See you again!


Mrs. Malone said...

Hi Hyde-san,
Long time no see. How is your back now? Mine is getting better, but it might take some time for me to have courage to go into the middle of Tokyo.
Thanks for your compliment. Truth be told, I often feel guilty being a bad mother, so his word really meant a lot.
Hope we can see soon.
I've got to ask you about translation...

Shizuku said...

Oh, your son is very sweet!
(If he knows my comment, He'll never forgive me!)
I rememberd your son in Kumamoto.He seemed to be shy and I touhght it was boyhood.Three years pass from that...

BTW, Is your back all right?
I still have pain on my back and I have to use a corset while I'm out.

C ya!

Mrs. Malone said...

Hi Shizuku-san.


I was thinking your back was already cured, but it was not...
Please take good care of you. I made a new entry about back pain thinking about you. Hope there is some useful ideas in it.
Anyway, take an X-ray once and make sure there is no physical disorders? in your backbone.