Aug 17, 2009

New People in San Francisco

As I started to surf around the huge net world, I realized that quite a few people abroad are interested in Japanese things such as drama, anime, manga, bento..., but unfortunately, there are only few Japanese who are able to deliver the current movements of Japan directly on the web in English.
So, if you don't afraid to use your English even it's still in the beginner or intermediate level, and try to look for some friends, then chances are, you'll never be short of opportunities to make friends who are thirsty for news of Japan today.
This is a story about a culture center called New People, which opened recently in San Francisco.
Has any of you in Japan watched a news about this on TV?


Shizuku said...

I'm interested in your this journal but I've been busy with my work and the mail of my friends!
They came over in sequence....
Their mails are longer than before and I try to write about Japanese and Japan in English.
You know, I have a lot of mistakes but they don't mind!
It's OK. They said that I was funny and kind. Ha Ha! Most important thing is "funny" because I'm Kansai-jin(zin?)...
They yet don't know black Shizuku.

Take care of your waist and don't translate so long.
C ya!

Mrs. Malone said...

Hi Shizuku-san!
yeah, I agree with you that Kansai-jin is best suited for language learning because of their agressiveness and the ability to enjoy humors. Making mistakes couldn't be an obstacle as long as what you write or speak appeals to people.
I'm really looking forward to seeing how you're going to show your true self in English sometime in future. I wonder if you're going to use some specific expressions or rather develope your own style of writing especially for expressing "black" part of yourself.
Good luck to you and me...