Jul 19, 2009

気になる単語には、また会える sloppy編

Since I'm free this three-day holiday, with my partner being ASAKUSA-DAKE! in Niigata
(I got a short call from him, who was at the the top of the mountain at that time, early this morning. He never learns to know how much I'm going to worry about his safety, and gives me no more than ONE call during the trip, sigh...),
my son being busy to practice baseball and my daughter having relaxed time with manga as usual next to me, I had a long chat with a friend in Texas this morning.

As we were talking, my eyes were fixed with one word "sloppy" in his message.
Whoa! this is the very word I've been wanting to meet more often in different situations, because one of my friends decided to use "sloppy" for part of her handle name, and she's still worried if the word "sloppy" has some hidden connotation other than meaning kind of looseness and is not appropriate for HN.

It's really surprising but whenever I have such words I want to know better, I happen to come to the very words in books or other audio materials, and this time it happened during the skype chat.

He wrote:
"Yes, they are used. Sometimes people are sloppy about using them, but for numbers, "no less than X" means it is either X or more. Example: I have no less than 100 dollars. (= I have 100 dollars, or 101 dollars, or 102 dollars, etc...)"

And also I found "sloppy" in the first volume of "Fullmetal Alchemist" yesterday! he he
"You're sleeping with your stomach out again! sheesh, ED, you're so sloppy!"

Such an unexpected coincidence of finding words you're keen on is the driving power to keep on doing Tadoku and Tachou.
You will never forget the words you knew from different materials in different occasions, but you're sure to forget them if you're satisfied with looking up the meaning of new words from a dictionary.

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