Jun 30, 2009

Gooood to feel poetry

I don't know how many times I'm going through the same infertile loop, trying to find a way to implement tadoku approach in Japanese English education. These last several days, I was again caught up with the thinking that how I should cope with the method of learning English at Japanese school and other natural learning methods such as tadoku and tachou, and couldn't come up with any solution.
It's just impossible to apply natural learning to English education at school. The goals are completely different, school English education only aims to make students pass entrance examinations of colleges, on the other hand, tadoku is eagerly pursuing the way to language acquisition. I shouldn't be wasting my time to try to find the way, which might not even exist, to mingle such different approaches.

I'm fed up with analyzing English, and today I wanted to feel it.
So, today's choice is a book of poetry, which is not be enjoyed fully unless you're ready to feel.
Poetry Speaks To Children (Read & Hear)
Poetry Speaks To Children (Read & Hear)
I'm going to bring this book to the next off-meeing in Tokyo. Come join us to have a peek inside!

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