Jun 15, 2009


I didn't know why but I was not in a mood to use English lately, and I almost lost confidence in my English ability. I know it's terribly awkward to mumble like this, I can do many things in English, listening to podcast, watching youtube, talking to my friend in Utah and mailing to some friends in US and Canada... That's great, isn't it.
However, It's a different story once your English competence is measured by the standard of Japanese English education.

I took an English test, TOEIC, the other day, and I didn't do well as much as I expected partly because my back started to ache being forced to sit on a fixed seat for two hours, so I couldn't concentrate, and mostly because it was not allowed to write down any marks on the question sheet. I found it terribly difficult to remember the important parts of the story or the names. If I were to put some marks on the sheet, it would be much much easier to pick up the correct answers. sigh...

Furthermore, I have a chance to read some Japanese English textbooks for high schoolers and it was sooo difficult. Of course I can understand it easily, but I doubt it that I would ever be able to write such complicated sentences...phew

So these experiences made me doubt my English ability, but now I know the reason why I ended up losing my confidence.
Our English ability is measured only by the correctness and the amount of knowledge about language itself in Japanese education system.
But I'm able to use English not because the knowledge but something like my characteristics. My English ability wouldn't be measured properly unless my characteristics such as aggressiveness or curiosity is somehow included into the test. There is no room for me to show my strong points.



ひまわり said...

一気に読んじゃった。そして、結論部分に、 i quite agree with you でした。 ああ、emmieさんと、またいっぱいおしゃべりしたいな・・・

雫 said...

Hi emmie san!
I enjoy to write journals lately and I thought my terrible writing was teased someone until nowadays.
I can't right to write journals now and I would have a lot of mistakes. but I write journals little by little.
I glateful My friends helped me and they posted cheerful comments.
If I got only corrections,I wouldn't write journals.

とうとう英語を書いた雫を褒めてやって下さい…(^^ゞ そしたら育つので(笑)

Mrs. Malone said...


Anonymous said...

Hello, emmie san.

Thansk, thanks lots.
I have the same opinion with those on your blog.
Now I think there have never been absolute rules in English ever.
Use, use, use, use, and use English. So we can get a new and wonderful one in the future! Not so far from now.
First, only using English starts our new world in English.

As Shizuku san said, native speakers or writers always don’t use correct English.
I wanna speak many things such as books and films with everyone.
As Himawari san said, I’m looking forward to talking about discoveries of using English with everyone.
P.S. Anyway my big resolution is to break my weird English gotten from study and create another.
Please tell me about enjoying many things. See you everyone again.
With love,

Mrs. Malone said...

Hi 雫-san,
nice hearing from you in English!

To tell you the truth, I'm quite relieved to know that you've started your journal so soon, becaseu I was almost making a biiig mistake to make an unnecessary advice about English writing, introducing some how-to books. Those books are the last things Tadokist need...
yeah, we Japanese are not good at prasing people, but it can be a stong incentive that we can get encouraging comments from friends time to time.
mmm, I wonder I should put a sigh, No correction, please, in my blog. ha ha
Oh, one more thing,
I left a message in アルムおんじsan' blog saying "I'm really looking forward to seeing you in Tokyo with 雫-san. I know a good place to have an off-meeing, it's called "the abby road," a live house in Roppongi, and we can enjoy beautiful sound of the beatles copy band..."
I know he can't say no to my invitation...he he

Mrs. Malone said...

Hi Hyde-san!
Thanks for your heart-warming passionate comment! I thought it might not be so bad to feel stuck time to time, because I have such wonderful friends like you who don't mind visiting my blog and cheering me up when I'm down.
you know, when I'm with Tadokist, I can be so free and believe I can do anything with my English. But the moment I mingle with some teachers, my mind goes to freeze and lose the sight what I truely want to do.
As for school, there are so many works and practices that students are expected to do, and I feel so sorry for the studens. Many of the hard works are meaningless or even totally wrong!
well, I maybe write a new entry about the strange practices of 受動態 in the textbook.
BTW, we're open on 20th and 27th at high school, so if you're free, come and enjoy reading!

Anonymous said...

Hello again, Ms. malone.

I can hear your hot heartbeat now!
If everybody meets and finds the real English, I believe there is absolutely nothing meaningless not only for the human being but also for the history thereof. As the wall is higher, when we are over it, we can catch more valuable things. Your effort will become a big fruit.
…Unfortunately I can’t attend your class because I won’t be in Tokyo during this term. After coming back, I wanna go!
P.S. You’re a prolific inventor of English lessens, aren’t you?
With love,

雫 said...

呼ばれてもないのじゃじゃじゃじゃーん♪ Hi Hydeさん!

Mrs. Malone said...