May 3, 2009

Why I Read

I don't feel like reading books now. Lots of books are waiting to be read in my bookshelf, but the only thing I'm willing to read now is, sigh, manga...

Why is that? It's because I have to read some books, which I have no interests at all, to decide which materials I'm going to use for the English tests in the end of the semester. As I read those books, I'm always examining the usage of English words or the story lines of the books to see if they are appropriate to make good questions for the tests. I'm always analyzing, not reading. It's not fun!

How could I influence and lead my students into the wonderful word of reading if I myself are not enjoying it at all...I've got to watch these videos and let the happy faces from Los Angeles, telling the joy of reading, heal my worn out mind.

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