May 7, 2009

stories with audio in different levels

Thanks to my net friend, I came across this relatively new site for English learners.
You can read rather easy stories with audio. The owner of this site is a teacher of International Christian Univ. in Tokyo, it's situated in only 30 minutes ride of bicycle from my house.
Once you become a member, you can listen to the audio too. Articles are divided into 5 levels, but I don't see any big differences of difficulty in English, so you may enjoy any stories you like.

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Joseph Poulshock said...

Thank you so much for commenting about

Our site has been updated to WordPress, and we are now a membership site, but users can sign up for a free trial. We also have more than 250 stories now.

Please note the note address. It's just

As for the levels, we use lexical profiling software based on Paul Nation's Range program. The levels are basically set up so that in our Step 1 stories, 95% of the words must come from the top 1000 words of English (in the British National Corpus). In our Step 2 stories, 95% of the words must come from the top 2000 words of English (in the British National Corpus).

We've actually done a lot of research on this, and of course, our stories have been used in classes with hundreds and hundreds of students in Japan. For the most part, they find the stories "readable" and "enjoyable." We do need to make more Step 1 stories! But they are harder to make.

Just FYI, here's one of the papers published about our stories (and the related topic of extensive graded reading).

We would be so happy if you could take a look at our site again and give us feedback.

Thank you!


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