May 14, 2009

sites for language teachers

I was to gather audio materials for a test in Tadoku class this morning, but there are so much interesting sites coming out these days that I can't help being distracted by those sites and always ending up to introduce them here, without no necessary jobs done for Tadoku...

The first one is for English teachers. I guess this system, simplybox, is like an overall showcase? of interesting blogs related to certain topics and this particular one is called Language Learning Blog Carnival. All the entries are posted by language teachers around the world, so you will see what kind of language education is now popular all over the world and have a new insight into your teaching.
(ESL, EFLの先生が書いたブログ記事で、共有したいものを集めるサイト)
You can read the summary of the carnival in the next Nik's blog, whose site is also a must read for those interested in language education with tech.
I wonder if I should be writing about Tadoku in my blog and apply for the entry sometime.mmm

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