Apr 10, 2009

めんどくさがりのTOEIC準備 & BBC site refreshed

I was asked at high school to prove my English competence by TOEIC, so I guess I should be preparing for it and try to get appropriate score as an English teacher as much as possible. ha ha However, I'm such a lazy person and I have no faith in those kinds of English tests, few things which require little extra burden are possible for me to have a go.
So I chose quite easy way I'm sure I won't quit doing it, well, the thing is just to play streaming audio programs from the net.

"BBC Radio 4" http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio4/ (for British English)
To listen to, click "Listen Live BBC iPlayer" sigh on the upper right side of the site
"NPR" http://www.npr.org/ (for American English)
Click "24-hour program stream

It could be a perfect preparation for me if I'm able to find other streaming sites of particular pronunciation English such as Indian English, Australian English and Singlish.
If you happen to know any streaming audio sites, please let me know! I'm not particular about genre.

一応形だけでもTOEIC準備というわけで、Bon Joviとか音楽を流すの我慢して、

As for BBC, it's one of the best sites for all the English learners, regardless of your level, to immerse yourself all the time with English sounds, but thanks for the hugeness of the site, I often find myself dead end in the half way of my searching for a best program for me. Now the site is refreshed and became a little bit easier to surf around.


Whiskers said...


Do you really have to get used to Indian accents and Singlish? I thought the variation of accents used in TOEIC is British, American(east coast and west coast), Canadian, Australian... Well, I just thought so because of the exercise book I'm using at my school. I've never taken one myself either. Ha ha ha.

Shine said...


I appreciate that you showed such a nice website.
I click a program below of them.

It helped me to understand some in that talk, quite a little though.

Mrs. Malone said...

Good morning Whiskers-san!

well, I'm not so worried about taking good scores actualy, you know, I have little chance, though not none, to use TOEIC score and have the same class next year, because most of the teachers at that high school are nonchalant or against Tadoku, so such classes on Saturdays which require no judgement are able to share for Tadoku.
So, I thought I should make this rabbish oppotunity of taking TOEIC the most and I want to collect streaming sites of different kinds of English as many as possible. I'm going to see if there are some today.
How is your new sememster? why don't you make your own blog or some? I'd love to read your mumbling time to time. haha

Mrs. Malone said...

Hello Shine-san!

Nice try you opened up your own blog. I love those stories you introduced there. You're lucky that you were able to enjoy those stories with your children.

About the streaming site, it's not like I can understant what they're talking about well. I simply keep the streaming on. I pay no attention to it. However,I pick some words or topics interest me time to time, and only that time, I try to listen to closely, see, it's about just 5 minutes a day. ha ha it's so little but it makes huge difference after all.