Apr 22, 2009

Such a lucky one I am

Sometime I feel I was born under a lucky star. I came to Tokyo without knowing anything and anybody, and now three years after, I have a part-time job at high school thanks to one teacher who strongly support me and the new approach, Tadoku. It's my first day today to teach Tadoku class and I'm really excited to meet new students. ha ha It's not like I'm expecting them to become avid readers or some, the truth is, only few could be persuaded with my words and start to read books, but rest might sit and chat... my class always ends up being a mess... anyway, it's a miracle for someone like me, who once have given up a full-time job and got no speciality, to get such a nice opportunity of teaching.

So, here I have two friends, who have just started to work as part-time teachers at junior high school like me and it can be said we, my friends and me, share similar circumstances and all of us should be thrilled to perform new classes.
However, both of my friends seem to have had a tough time from the beginning of the class, even they have certain experiences of teaching, and already have lost their excitement in their teaching. They are struggling to come up with some other ways to perform meaningful lessons, but it's not a easy thing, as long as they have to use materials they're made to use.
They're not to be blamed of. Both of them have good intention. What makes them worn out is, they have to use textbooks or workbooks which they see no meaning to use them. They know those textbooks won't help their students. textbooks only help students develop hatred toward English. sigh... How could they run enjoyable classes if they have to use those colorless boring textbooks. It's impossible! They shouldn't be bothered to be good teachers.

Thinking about their situation, I can't help feeling I'm really lucky. I just don't mind if my lesson go well or not. It's not my fault if the students earn nothing from the lesson. I know my approach, Tadoku and Tachou, could be said one of the the most effective approaches for learning languages now in Japan, so I have no doubt about performing Tadoku in class. I'll do my best to introduce new approaches, and after that, it's up to students if they want to follow Tadoku approach seriously to become fluent in English or just kill their time chatting.

I see full meaning in my lesson, but my friends don't, this is a huge difference between me and my friends.
Hope they would overcome the contradictory situation and find a better way for students and for themselves.

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