Apr 18, 2009


(Title 書いてて思いましたが、日本人?語?ってすごいなー、
I've already introduced very useful video sites for language learning, which collect videos attached with transcription on the net, such as Yappr and RealEnglish. and it's another great tool to learn languages: http://dotsub.com/
I guess it's rather new site and the number of the videos are not huge, but there are already some informative and inspiring videos coming with transcription of several languages.

In case you're not sure where you begin with and also you're interested in getting familiar with new technologies on the web, then these plain English series can be a good start. ,http://dotsub.com/view/253fc0e4-32fe-4c36-80e4-5dfb692dbb95
Have fun!


Shine said...

Emmie,I enjoyed some videos. The movies, well made,give us many messages and let us think of our world.
I am pleased to have a chance to see them.

Mrs. Malone said...

Hi Shine-san!
I'm preparing for the class the day after tomorrow and I'm always thinking in Japanese now, so it's tough to write you a message... anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed this site. There are tons of similar sites on the net, so you'll never be short of pleasure.^^